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One of the ancient genres of Astrology and a very eminent skill of the Astrologer is Palm reading, popular in India. We can rely on Vedic Astrology and thus on predictions through palm reading. It is known as ‘Hast rekha vidya’ for Indian astrologers or pundits or jyotishi. According to Palmistry, we all have mammoth of lines on our palm which have significant meaning. Some of the lines are Heart-line (Hridaya rekha), Brain-line (Mastishka Rekha), Destiny-line (Bhagya- rekha), Life-line (Jeevan Rekha), and much more. Generally, Pundits read right hand of men and left hand of women. But if a man is left-handy or use his left hand for doing work, Pundit will read his left-hand only.

Any breakage or cut in any line it may signify the unfortunate characters or it is ill-fated for the native. Whether your life is short or long you can predict through palm-reading. Many interesting information you can get here about palmistry by just click on given details.

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