Child Issue

Child Issue
Birth of a child is the greatest pleasure for any parent as motherhood and fatherhood. This is the kind of pleasure which every married couple wants, but at times due to some adverse situations Couple do not bless with this happiness of having a baby or losing their child after birth.As a result, women suffer from depression and feel alone. Lots of humiliating words are heard by women because of these progeny problems. Couples try every possible effort to get a child, but they fail each time.

In Indian society, the birth of the child marks the completeness of the marriage. In earlier rural society and even now, childbirth is a sacred part of one’s life. According to Hinduism, there are 4 stages of life, the most important one – GrihasthaAshrama. This represents the beginning of a family life for a man. Marriage and childbirth are the pillars of this stage.There are certain medical reasons that can delay the pregnancy. If all the medical conditions are healthy for childbirth and still, there is a failure in pregnancy, then astrological advice should be considered.
After proper analysis of the man and the woman horoscope two possibilities can be withdrawn.
1) First consideration is to check whether it is a case of childlessness, means no child in the destiny.
2) Delay in the birth of a child and an exact age of child birth.
In Vedic Astrology, first we have to check for a couple’s power of reproduction to promise childbirth. Strength of a man to make a woman pregnant depends upon the strength of Sun in his natal chart and strength of Semen depends upon powerful Venus.
The detailed analysis of horoscope of both man and a woman is essential for complete analysis and proper remedies because each ascendant is different from each other. The ascendant and the ascendant lord also play a very vital role in deciding the progeny and childbirth because in horoscope planets occupying ascendants has a direct view on the 5th house and 7th house.

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